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“A story is a living thing.” So begins Way of the Screenwriter, a book with a novel, refreshing approach to the long-practiced art of screenwriting. Amnon Buchbinder brilliantly reinterprets screenwriting as a way for writers to capture a story’s essence, thus giving it greater meaning and fascination for the audience. Full of practical examples and exercises to enhance the skills of both beginning and experienced screenwriters, the guide is far more than a how-to book. It is a comprehensive work that covers screenwriting from virtually every conceivable angle, while also offering a different, compelling approach. It is a book that illuminates the why behind the how and points the way toward a deeper understanding of how stories work on the screen. Perhaps most importantly, Way of the Screenwriter treats screenwriting not as some disreputable task, but rather as the fine art it is: the convergence of storytelling, writing, and filmmaking.

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