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Serves as a keystone to the understanding of Basic Dental Materials in general and their application to clinical dentistry in particular. This updated thoroughly revised and revamped edition would serve the students, teachers and professionals associated with clinical dentistry. 1. Dentistry and Dental Materials, 2. Basic Nature and Properties of Dental Materials, 3. Biological Considerations of Dental Materials, 4. Rigid Impression Materials, 5. Elastic Impression MaterialsAgar and Alginate, 6. Elastomeric Impression Materials, 7. Gypsum Products, 8. Denture Resins and Polymers, 9. Restorative Resins, 10. Dental Amalgam, 11. Direct Filling Gold, 12. Restorations, Luting and Pulp TherapyAn Introduction, 13. Dental Cements, 14. Liners and Varnish, 15. Model, Cast and Die Materials, 16. Waxes in Dentistry, 17. Dental Casting Investment Materials, 18. Casting Procedures, 19. Dental Casting Alloys, 20. Dental Ceramics, 21. Wrought Alloys, 22. Soldering, Brazing and Welding, 23. Abrasion and Polishing Agents, 24. Tarnish and Corrosion, 25. Dental Implant Materials.

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